Spending 1,000 Hours Outside within a years time is part of our family’s preventative health care strategy.  Amongst other benefits we all move more, we all get a healthy dose of vitamin D, and we breathe in lots of fresh air.  We also want to include other things we are learning on our path towards family health which is why we incorporate Toxin-Less Tuesday into our blog.  We are far from where we would like to be (which probably looks something like Alaska the Last Frontier) but we are taking small steps in the right direction.  Please join us each Tuesday and share with us your ideas on how to make family life a little more “Toxin-Less”.

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I had a swirling pool of thoughts that had been circling in my mind for a few decades that eventually led me to a slightly different approach to health care.  It began in middle school with a girlfriend who told us all at lunch one day that her mother made their spaghetti noodles from scratch.  I didn’t know you could do that.  I figured that the noodles we bought in box from the grocery store were manufactured by some machine we didn’t have access to and consequently unable to be replicated in the home.  In high school, a friend of mine ditched deodorant, shampoo, and chapstick – all way before there were blog posts about it.  Into my married life, my brother had a roommate who opened my eyes to the importance of natural birth when many around were opting for c-sections.  What I slowly began to realize was that appeared to be a more natural way to live life.  My journey was kickstarted into gear when we were pregnant with our third child and I met my midwife, Beth.  In my wonderful, hour long prenatal sessions with her she often spoke of things I have never even heard of.  It was a quick passing sentence of hers that really drove me into research.  Her two sons weren’t feeling well and she mentioned that she had put them in their wool shirts and rubbed oils on their feet.  At the time, I thought that was weird, odd, and strange and I didn’t understand it.  But since she said it in such a commonplace way I figured there was a lot to health that I was probably missing out on.

On overhaul we set out to make was trying to switch to a toxin-less system in our home medicine cabinet.  It seemed really overwhelming at first.  Our cabinet shelves looked similar to the OTC areas at the local drug store.  I didn’t know what to purchase.  Where do you turn to if you don’t want to use tylenol?  Three years later and I recently had a this light bulb that we pretty much rotate through the same 10 simple and fairly inexpensive items all the time.  These are what we use almost exclusively in our home.  They seem to be the cure-all for so many ailments and issues. Not everything is in the medicine cabinet.  A few items are stored in the fridge.  I used to think the non-chemical suggestions for health didn’t work.  But amongst our four kids we have 14 years of life represented and we have yet to need a round of antibiotics.  I am not against them.  We just haven’t needed them because these other remedies have worked – and for that I am thankful.

This post is especially timely for our blog because one of our team members, Jen will be leaving her home in one month and moving into an RV full-time with her family.  She will share more here as the days progress and also through her own blog that she has started to share with us her journey across America (Free to Breathe).  To be able to pare down a medicine cabinet into around 10 items is helpful in that kind of a downsizing situation.

Without further adieu I give you the 10 items.  Please weigh in below in the comments section.  Do you keep these 10 things on hand?  For those of you who have been doing this a lot longer than me what glaring things am I missing?  What other must-haves do you have in your medicine cabinet?


What we’ve used these for:

-At the onset of a cold we immediately begin to cook with more onion and garlic – both of which have antimicrobial and antibacterial properties.  I learned more about the power of food to heal our bodies in the book Food Pharmacy and in the documentary Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead.  A few favorite recipes are mjadara, fattoush salad, and hummus.

-We cut up a clove of garlic and eat it mixed with a spoonful of honey.

-We’ve used homemade garlic oil and onion juice in the ear for ear aches.

-I drank a quart of lemon water (juice from one whole lemon) each day of pregnancy to help strengthen my liver and ward of pre-eclampsia and migraines.

-We’ve used “lemon socks” to bring down fevers.

Other ideas we’ve seen:

onion mitts for ear aches

lemon water for your kidneys and blood, heartburn, intestinal gas, and bloating

onion socks for hayfever 


What we’ve used it for:

-a spoonful for coughs and sore throats

-on boo-boos

Other ideas we’ve seen:

help with allergies and insomnia, bedwetting and osteoporosis

5) SAUERKRAUT (or any raw,fermented vegetable)

What we’ve used it for:

-We aim for a tablespoon at every meal to help strengthen our guts to fight any bad bacteria.

Other ideas we’ve seen:

-Use it for IBS or diarrhea 


What we’ve used it for:


-scrapes and scratches

-carrier oil for essential oils

Other ideas we’ve seen: oil pulling, energy and 101 other things!


What we’ve used it for:

-immune system strengthening

Other ideas we’ve seen: bone health,vision health and blood pressure


What we’ve used it for:


-ear aches

-gallbladder attacks

Other ideas we’ve seen: stuffy nose, hiccups, reduce swelling, control blood sugar, boost weight loss


What we’ve used it for:


-pregnancy related nausea

-sinus infections

Other ideas we’ve seen: colic, tuberculosis, memory problems, shingles


What we’ve used it for:

-viral infections

-hand sanitizer

Other ideas we’ve seen: 101 more uses here!